MacBook In Store!

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Not yet at the retail location anyway… not until mid February.  Some questions still remain on what chipset the motherboard is using.  It seems like the new Macs may just be equal to Intel Core Duo PCs.  Perhaps a person can build their own Mac clone.  And, install Mac OS 10.4.4 with little to no hacking.

I’m sure Mac will have some sort of safe-guard from this unlicensed installation, however it sounds like it’s going to be easy enough for somebody to circumvent.  Apple sure can’t make it any easier than using normal Intel chipsets.


The MacBook Nailbiter: Day 2

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Well, another trip to the Apple store. The live one, not virtual. The one with the Genius Bar… you know. No, I don’t hang out there, I work nearby. That brings up a good idea! Maybe I should try and work inside the Apple store. Hmmm, I wonder what the discount is? Oh yeah, I’m gonna get a job there! That’s right, brand my ass with a mac logo!

Still no MacBook. Although there was a smoker in the doorway, blowing cigarette smoke all over the fine computer equipment. Oh, and my friend there with me was a Breast Cancer survivor! Shame on you cigarette lady!

Ah, who am I kiddin’? I used to smoke. Not in the doorway of a computer store. But really I feel sad for the woman. She had two cigs and I was only there for 15 minutes. You never really know what a waste of time smoking is until you stop. I hope my new MacBook doesn’t smell like smoke when I get it. Well, technically, it will be mine for at least the 15 minutes I spend there.

Speaking of smoke. Who hasn’t noticed the lack of battery life measurements on the MacBook specs page? I’m worried here. That Core Duo may require a lot of juice. Also, what’s the heat generation like? Am I gonna need a fire extinguisher for my pants???

Shoot, I guess I don’t care if I gotta stop, drop and roll after each session, I want to get my hands on that MacBook!

BTW, I wasn’t kiddin’ about my friend, Mamma Cyndi. She’s been though a lot, but still makes everybody smile!

Allright, bring on Day 3! Maybe I’ll finally get some answers!

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Waiting for the MacBook Pro: Day 1

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Just got back from my local Apple Store. No MacBooks to be seen anywhere. Perhaps the keynote was just a dream? Nah, no way, the hundreds of thousands of tech blogs that covered the story couldn’t all have been hallucinating.

Ah, the complexities of modern life… our experiences must be validated now by blog tracking services like Technorati. It’s no longer enough to just live through it, now you have to record it and if you don’t, it oddly feels like nothing happened.

What’s most funny is that the Technorati tag “” went from 0 occurances to around 15,000 in 2 days. Wow, us bloggers don’t hesitate to toe the line. My posts feel more and more like a needle in a stack of needles. I guess with enough hands feeling around this needle is sure to prick a few fingers at least. Ouch!

Apple’s MacBook Pro

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The Macworld 2006 Keynote address is over, and it seems this year will be very exciting for us Mac-addicts.  Steve Jobs announced that all of the Apple computers will have Intel-based models unveiled by the end of 2006.  So, expect a steady, step-by-step release of the new versions.  The first such release is already underway, with the MacBook Pro and new iMac.

The MacBook Pro is replacing the PowerBook line of notebook computers.  Jobs said that the name change was to remove reference to the PowerPC chips because of the switch to the Intel Core Duo processor.  The Core Duo delivers four times the speed than the G4.  That’s a big bump up in quickness.  Another new innovation is a magnetic power cord that easily pops out when yanked on, preventing the horrible “flying notebook” disasters-of-the-past.

One thing is still unclear.  The specs page does not mention battery life.  Perhaps there is a loss in this performance?  It stands in direct contrast with their recent bragging of over 5 hours of battery life for the last generation of PowerBooks.  That’s something to keep an eye on.

As soon as I can get my hands on the MacBook Pro, I’ll have a more detailed review.  I’ll be checking my local Apple Store today to see if it has arrived.  In the meantime, here’s a photo for you to drool over.

Apple MacBook Pro

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